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Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is complementary.  During this phase, we will discuss the ideas you have, the mood you are trying to create and the amount of detail desired. We will share with you design options, let you view photos of examples that could be custom designed for your space, and choose a color pallet that will compliment your décor. Measurements will be taken at this time.

If you wish to commission a mural, I will discuss the ideas you have, view reference photos or objects of interest that you wish to have incorporated into the mural. I will explain the option of using canvas vs. painting on the wall so that you can decide which would be better for your situation. Rough sketches will be provided during the consultation phase.

Within 1-3 business days, you will receive a quote.

The Process Begins

Once the bid proposal has been accepted, a contract will be signed, and  50% of the total will be required as a deposit. This money will be used to create sketches, as well as secure a time slot for completion of the project.

The completion time of a mural also depends on the size, amount of detail and complexity of the artwork.

The final payment is due upon completion of the project.


Great Walls of Dubai murals are meticulously detailed and therefore extraordinarily labor intensive. The price of our Murals starts at 55DH per square foot. Actual cost is determined mostly by the amount of detail in the subject matter, because more detail means more time, and more time means more money. While very simple Murals can cost as little as the aforementioned minimum, more complex pieces fall in the range of 180-550DH per square foot.

Free Consultations

Determining the actual price of a mural depends strictly upon the amount of space to be covered, as well as the amount of detail required.  Scheduling a complimentary consultation will help achieve the actual cost of the mural you have in mind.

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